Three things to know: Introducing the Sleeve Gastrectomy

Hi, if you're like many of my patients and you're spending a bit of time on the web learning about weight loss surgery prior to speaking to your GP or a surgeon, then this quick intro to the Sleeve Gastrectomy is for you.

Three things to know:

  1. The Sleeve Gastrectomy is also know as the Gastric Sleeve

  2. Today its the most common weight loss surgery performed in Australia

  3. If you suffer from reflux, its probably not the ideal choice for you

As you continue your research into surgeries, your GP is the best resource to validate what you might find online. Then, the next step is to meet with a Specialist or have a phone call with the weight loss surgery.

I hope you've found this snippet useful.

Dr Neil Wylie

General Surgeon (Bariatric, Upper GI & Hepatobiliary)

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