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Featuring in our local paper The Chronicle on March 4, 2020 for World Obesity Day, our Bariatric Nurse and Support Group Co-ordinator gives us some insight into her role at Toowoomba Weight Loss Surgery.

When obese people walk into Ruth Moss's office, they are at their wits end. Often they have tried dozens of diets but have failed to shed unhealthy weight. They are often very down on themselves.

Through bariatric surgery and follow-up support, Ruth guides people towards gaining control of their weight.

A lot of it comes down to lifestyle, poor habits, boredom or stress eating. Those bad habits lead to a point where people cannot turn their weight around.

For the past two years Ruth has managed a support group for post-operative patients at Toowoomba Weight Loss Surgery.

At the weekend, four of her patients achieved a milestone of competing in the 10km leg of Peak2Park. "There was a group of ladies who wanted to get fit, so we started walking in Queens Park" she said. "Before surgery, the women would not have though finishing a 10km walk possible, so it was a massive achievement. Together the four of them have lost more than 140kgs."

Ruth offers prospective patients a free 15 minute phone consult to answer questions about surgery and our TWLS support model. Contact us to book in.

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