Easter 2020 - a different kind of holiday

This year as we grapple with social distancing and flattening the Coronavirus curve, we are all challenged by planning a different kind of Easter celebration. Your usual tradition might be a long weekend away, a large gathering at church, or an extended family meal and maybe an Easter egg hunt for the kids. We all need to plan for a different kind of holiday this year and by being organised and thinking ahead, it will be a time to both reflect and celebrate how precious life is.

I did a quick Internet search and here's a quick list of my favourite tips which you can embrace whether you are practicing great habits after weight loss surgery, or preparing for weight loss surgery.

Catch up with family and friends

Have you tried a group video call yet? If your tradition is to catch up with family and friends, what about organising a group call via Zoom or FaceTime during a mealtime? The added bonus is that everyone can prepare their own food, drinks and snacks and you can be like a rabbit with your prepared healthy choices of vege snacks and small portion bites.

Eggs, eggs, eggs

Eggs are a great protein option, so why not jazz things up in the spirit of Easter with a splash of food colouring for some fun! You can also boil and colour the shells and make your Easter Egg hunt an adventure to find one of each colour. This is also a great time to pull out the cookbooks or look online for a new recipe to make it this weekend. Most egg recipes can be prepared as individual small serves. Have you tried sumac to flavour eggs?

Don't be fooled, chocolate is available all year round!

The hype that surrounds Easter with chocolate marketing reaches new highs every year! I've already seen a 50% off sale on chocolate eggs before the holiday. Remember that chocolate is for sale all year round, so there is no need to stock up. There is also no need to deprive yourself, you can plan a treat. Or, for a different kind of treat, try one of the many great recipes with protein powder to make protein balls - cacao and vanilla protein powder make a great combo.

Keep your regular mealtimes

Be mindful of keeping your normal meal and snack times based on protein and healthy options. Chocolate is a sweet addition, not a meal substitute. Watch your portion size, for example, a mini egg. Savour your bites.

Use the long weekend to do something active

Yes we are restricted with how far we should go and how many people we can be outdoors with, but we can enjoy the company of those we live with, or head out solo for a walk to clear our heads. Put down your devices, choose to walk a new path or down a different street and set yourself a daily challenge to move that little bit more this long weekend.

Stay safe everyone.


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