Supporting information for Operations booked with Dr Wylie

Weight Loss Surgery

The information provided on this page is to support you in gathering information for your upcoming operation with Dr Wylie.

We are never far away, so please email us at or call 07 4646 3295 with any questions.

The cost of your procedure is made up of four parts

  1. Your surgeon, Dr Wylie - Paid in advance, two weeks prior 

  2. The surgeon's Assistant - Paid in advance, two weeks prior 

  3. Anaesthetist - Paid in advance, two weeks prior 

  4. Hospital costs - On your day of admission you will need to provide your payment method, usually a credit card with the available funds

You will be given Dr Wylie's estimate, then you will need to contact the Assistant, Anaesthetist and Hospital for their estimates.  You will need to contact these providers as soon as possible so you can receive the estimate and make payment arrangements.


The team will give you Dr Wylie's estimate.  Payment is due 2 weeks before your operation. 

You can pay in the rooms using your credit or debit card or through Internet Banking.


Account Name:  DDGS

BSB: 014257

Account Number: 307156077

Reference:  'Your surname'


The team will let you know who will be assisting.  Please contact them to obtain a fee estimate and arrange payment.

  • Duane Sparke

  • Sarah James

  • Dr Scott Mansfield