International Women's Day 2021 - Q&A with our Owner & Founder

Today we are profiling owner & founder of Toowoomba Weight Loss Surgery, Rachel Turney. Partners in life and business, Neil Wylie and Rachel Turney run this local bariatric business together.

What does International Women's Day mean to you?

I am a big fan of the book by Melinda Gates 'The Moment of Lift" and I think her message in that book epitomizes IWD for me. 'When we lift up women and girls everywhere, it benefits us all'. I count my blessings that I've had opportunities to travel and study overseas and to go to University. I honestly get excited when I am able to use my knowledge and experience to lift others up by mentoring and promoting young women.

What advice do you have for women running small businesses?

Its all about people. When recruiting and managing a team I think the most important thing is to employ for 'team fit' and motivation. I believe that with training, empowerment and collaboration that the right person can blossom in a role - its not always just experience that counts. Give someone a shot!

If you had endless resources, what would you do tomorrow to support the advancement of women?

In healthcare we are a generation behind when it comes to using technology to support patient care. The commercial healthcare software and tools lag in comparison to the solutions we used in my last roles at Microsoft. If I had my magic wand I would love to see paper records disappear overnight from healthcare. Not only would the patient flow and record keeping improve, but with this I think many more young people with digital literacy skills would find a career in healthcare administration an exciting career option and that would benefit us all.

And, on being in business with your significant other?

We are learning everyday. We try to separate work from 'our time' but that isn't always easy with an on-call roster. We have an immense and mutual respect for each other's skills and experience and as equals we remain curious in understanding each other's perspective which is working well so far!

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