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Which surgery is right for me?

There is no definitive answer to this. Each surgery has its benefits and drawbacks. It is important that you discuss this with your surgeon when deciding which type of surgery is right for you. You can find out more about the types of surgery we offer here

How much weight will I lose?

Most patients can expect to lose 40 to 60% of their excess body weight by 18 months post surgery. Patients have achieved more than this.  

Do I need to see a dietician and psychologist prior to surgery?

The short answer is yes. These professionals are essential members of the team caring for you. In addition to providing information and support critical to the success of surgery they also have an important role in monitoring your progress and watching for problems like weight regain. 


Watch Penny our Psychologist below to learn more about what you can expect.

Penelope Flowers - Psychologist

Does weight loss surgery really work?

“Weight loss surgery is not for everyone,” says Dr. Neil Wylie.  “However, we know that where it is appropriate, those patients will achieve a significant weight loss as well as reversal in obesity-related disease.” Read More

How does weight loss surgery Work?

There are many factors that contribute to weight loss after weight loss surgery.  These include changes in mindset, changes in anatomy, changes in hormones and changes in the gut microbiome. This combination of changes provides patients with the foundations for other weight loss factors such as nutrition, exercise and ongoing emotional support.  Read more

Do I need to take Optifast?

Yes, Optifast is one of the brands we recommend for a low calorie diet.  14 days prior to surgery you will need to commence a very low calorie diet (VLCD). This allows your liver to reduce in size which will make your surgery easier.

How long will I be in hospital?

All going well you will be admitted and stay in hospital for 2 to 3 days following your surgery. During this time you will graduate from a clear fluid to free fluid diet.

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