The Team Approach to Weight Loss Surgery

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Our Multi-disciplinary Team

Welcome to Toowoomba Weight Loss Surgery.  We provide an individualised service to ensure the highest level of care for people who wish to take control of their weight through surgical options like the gastric sleeve and various gastric bypass procedures. 


Our belief is that by working with a multi-discliplinary team, patients have the best chance of long term success with weight loss surgery.  Our services are available to both privately insured and self-funded patients.


At your initial appointment series you will meet members of our multi-disciplinary team who will be with you throughout your weight loss journey; Surgeon Dr Neil Wylie, Bariatric Nurse Ruth, Dietitians Leah & Rhiannon, as well as a Psychologist from our network. 


Our After-Care Program is a commitment to your success and through these regular follow ups we monitor progress and should it be needed, we identify and manage issues.

Our patient support groups are peer support groups which connect you with a network of local patients. 

These groups are facilitated by our Bariatric Nurse.

Am I a Eligible?

There are many factors that go into determining whether you would be a candidate for Weight Loss Surgery.  You can get an early indication from a 15 minute complimentary call with our Bariatric Nurse on Wednesdays (or other days by arrangement). 

Contact us to book your complimentary call.

Your eligibility is evaluated in our Patient Evaluation Clinic on a Monday or a Wednesday.  You will need to allow 4 hours for this series of appointments with our team which includes four appointments; meeting with a Dietitian, Nurse, Surgeon and follow up with a Psychologist.  After this appointment series you will know if you are suitable and which procedure is appropriate for you.  You will need a GP referral to Dr Wylie to receive a Medicare rebate for this clinic.  Care plan (TCA) referrals to our Dietitians also qualify for Medicare rebates.


You will need to demonstrate commitment to our after care program to proceed with surgery.  We pride ourselves on our After Care Program which monitors your progress closely through nutrition reviews and regular tests at the 3/6/9/12 month points, so you are well supported in achieving your weight loss goals.