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My name is Dr Neil Wylie,

Bariatric Surgeon

Darling Downs General Surgery

I consult from Toowoomba Weight Loss Surgery alongside Toowoomba's largest bariatric dietitian company, Balance Nutrition.  We also work with local psychologists and your GP to provide individualised weight loss surgery services.  

Engage with the booking team to learn more.

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The Team Approach to Weight Loss Surgery

"Our belief is that by co-locating as a multi-discliplinary team, that patients have the ease of attending both surgical and dietetic clinics which make it easier to access long term follow up after weight loss surgery.  The bookings team can help both privately insured and self-funded patients."
Dr Neil Wylie


At your first visit to our clinics, you will meet members of the multi-disciplinary team who base themselves at Toowoomba Weight Loss Surgery two days per week; Surgeon Dr Neil Wylie and Dietitians Leah, Shanna and Rhiannon. 

Toowoomba Weight Loss Surgery also hosts patient support group meetings every few months.  These are peer support groups which connect you with a network of local patients. 

I'm a first timer

There are many factors that go into determining whether you would be a candidate for weight loss surgery and this requires a surgical consultation, however the booking team can support you by offering a 15 minute complimentary call to answer frequently asked questions about eligibility for an initial consult.

Click here to access our bookings page.

Your eligibility is evaluated by a dietitian and surgeon when you attend their Patient Evaluation Clinics on a Monday or a Wednesday.  You will need to allow 4 hours for this series of appointments with our team which includes four appointments; meeting with a Dietitian, Nurse, Surgeon.  After this appointment series you will know if you are suitable and which procedure is appropriate for you.  You will need a GP referral to Dr Wylie to receive a Medicare rebate for his clinic.  Care plan (TCA) referrals to dietitians also qualify for Medicare rebates.


The administration team at Toowoomba Weight Loss Surgery pride ourselves on After Care scheduling so you are well supported in achieving your weight loss goals.  These clinics monitor patient progress closely through nutrition reviews and regular pathology tests at the 3/6/9/12 month points and we co-ordinate the clinician calendars so you can get the most from a single visit.

Revisional surgery

Our booking team has experience with referrals for revisional surgery and will guide you on the best approach, whether its booking in for both clinics with the doctor and dietitian, or just with Dr Wylie.  The process starts with a referral from your GP, so get in touch and we can help you from there. 

I'm a patient

We are looking forward to bringing online bookings for self service to change and make bookings soon. Until then, many patients of the clinics send us an email and we can get right back to you, or phone us if you prefer.

The next patient peer support group meeting hosted by Toowoomba Weight Loss Surgery is planned for August '24.

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